Starting Oct. 2017, I'm a PostDoc researcher for the Graduate School on Nominal Modification at the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Broadly, my research interests lie in syntax and its interfaces with semantics and morphology. My projects have focused primarily on various aspects of the nominal domain.

I defended my dissertation Feature Arithmetic in the Nominal Domain at University of Connecticut in August, 2017. My dissertation project focuses on cross-linguistic agreement patterns in nominal right node raising constructions, which involve single nodes agreeing with multiple feature values. Investigating nominal right node raising contributes to the broader discussion of the structure of right node raising, feature geometry, and the Agree process.

My dissertation committee consists of Susi Wurmbrand (chair), Jonathan Bobaljik, Željko Bošković, Jon Gajewski, and Jon Sprouse.

My other project investigates superlative expressions and the structural restrictions on their interpretations. This line of research has implications for the structure and semantics of nominal phrases, as well as syntactic phenomena such as fragment answers. I have also worked on the acquisition of superlative expressions with Lyn Tieu.

I founded Ling Alert.

Contact:  | | the Graduate School on Nominal Modification/ | Linguistics@UConn